Law Offices Marty J. Maas

The Law Offices of Marty J. Maas provide legal services, at a reasonable fee, in the areas of Business Establishment, Patents and Disputes 


Business Entity

  • Consultation regarding the most effective business type for your needs

  • Formation of California Corporations, Partnerships, LLC's, or other business entities

  • Preparation and filing of all required applications or tax related documents for any business entity


  • Performing patent searches in preparation for filing a patent application

  • Preparation and filing of Provisional Patent Applications

Business Disputes

Often business disputes arise because one or more parties failed to consult with an attorney before they made an oral or written agreement.  I highly recommend that you consult with me before you enter into any agreement.  If a dispute arises that could have been avoided, or anticipated, fees and costs may exceed the value of the agreement, and litigation may become a lose-lose proposition.

* I will provide free consultation before you commit yourself

* I will create a written contract that protects your interests and investment

* I will defend you in any contract dispute

* I will represent you in the recovery of your losses resulting from another party's breach of contract


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